It started in Grampians. On our bouldering trip in September 2015 (read the excellent trip summary at Still Sauce. He has an awesome gallery, too!), we stayed at a very uniquely themed place called “Old Dadswell Town”. Mad Max, as he would like to call himself, runs the place with his wife Jenny. I didn’t get to meet both my grand fathers, but the ever friendly and welcoming Max comes pretty close to me having one. “Don’t follow the path. Think out of the box.” We sure did!

This is Mad Max. “Don’t just follow the path. Think out of the box!”

Anyways, the guy was hilarious and really fun. He’s in his 70s, but was still extremely active and energetic. He also loved word play. Here’s one: What’s a plastic shaver with a power cord glued onto it? An electric shaver! Or, a female moose? A “moo-ses”!

Max (and Jenny) took such great care of us, I told the guys I have got to give him a good one. On the very last morning, when we were having our last breakfast, it suddenly struck me.

And here it is: a splitting headegg.

A splitting headegg.

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