Malacca – beyond Jonker Street

1. Nasi Ketuk/Nasi Lemak (Blue Rice) @ Donald Lily’s

Hungry yet? Nasi Ketuk is blue rice cooked with Bunga Telang (Butterfly-Pea Flower). It’s the same flower used in those blue Nonya Kuehs. Therefore, that blue you see there is 100% natural with no artificial colouring!

The rice is fragrant and tasty, and a little salty that makes it palatable. Let’s just say, after putting one mouthful of rice into my mouth, I found it hard to stop myself from a second. The rendang sauce is superb and goes very well with the rice, and the chicken is nice and tender (not dry). The fried egg and papadum completes the set. This is one of those dishes that brightens your eyes and makes your taste buds jump for joy. Probably close to a 5/5 rating!

Note that they also call this dish Nasi Lemak (so it’s a Nasi Lemak special edition).


We also tried other dishes like Mee Siam and Laksa (see above). Unfortunately, in our opinion, both were mediocre. Give it a miss and stick to Nasi Ketuk. You will thank us for that.

Note that the Nasi Ketuk is only on Fridays! Also, go early (before 12, if possible) to avoid queuing! We went early and, thankfully, did not have to wait for a table. 

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