Malacca – beyond Jonker Street

3. Baba Charlie Nonya Kuehs
Baba Charlie.

Baba Charlie is a shop that’s tucked away on the side of a small road. This is also another one of those “go early to avoid disappointment”. We’ve tried many items on the menu, so here’s our low down:

The Must Try Exploding Ondeh-Ondeh’s

Exploding Ondeh-ondeh’s are hard to come by. The filling are usually dry and too sweet. I’ve been searching for explosive ondeh-ondehs ever since I accidentally came across one many years back (at Old Airport Food Centre, in case you’re wondering. But their standard isn’t consistent and I don’t know if they’re still there). You can imagine my delight when I found out that we were holding onto not one, but TWO, packs of exploding Ondeh-ondeh’s!

The Suspect: Exploding Ondeh-ondeh
The Suspect: Exploding Ondeh-ondeh
The amazing part is, these Ondeh-ondeh’s are still packed with the same explosive force even after 10 hours, and this is coming from 2 independent witnesses (we brought some back for friends who were joining us later that evening). So the threat of an Ondeh-Ondeh exploding in your mouth is still very real. Just take our advice and throw the whole damn thing into your mouth. Don’t blame us if you dirty your (partner’s) top, because it’s going to squirt if your mouth is open!

P1090934 (1)
The Ondeh-ondeh’s are made fresh, right in front of you. You’ll need to queue to get yourself some.
Nasi Kunyit

The yellow rice signifies gold, and hence can be found at special events like weddings!
 Tumeric Glutinous Rice, or Nasi Kunyit, is good breakfast food – small on serving but big on taste. There’s sticky rice with a little bit of fried egg, salted fish and cucumber. The sweet-spicy chilli sauce compliments it well.

Apparently it is served at special events to signify good fortune because it’s yellow like gold!

Ang Ku Kueh (Red Tortoise Cake)

Ang Ku Kueh. They have the traditional red ones and the brown ones.
They’re usually red, but they have brown version.  The skin is brown because they grind coconut (and maybe brown sugar?) into powder and mix into the dough. However, the Ang Ku Kueh was voted unanimously by the group to be below average and not worth a try because of its thick skin and measly filling. 

Our breakfast (lunch) for the day. The Ondeh-ondeh are probably the best item in the shop.
 Note: You’ve got to queue for this (extremely popular), and they close by 1530h.

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