Money saving eggtip: DIY Fruit Box!

Here’s a money saving eggtip: DIY fruit box! Here at splittingheadegg, we firmly believe that we should not pay for something that we can do ourselves. We should, instead save that money for more important stuff, like holidays!

Eggtip: Depending on your choice of fruits and box size, you can easily keep the cost to less than a dollar!

Our box is a medium sized and we’ve chosen 2 kinds of grapes (which we had enough for 5 more boxes or more, by the way). Our estimated cost per box is less $1.50. But with some tweaking, such as using fruits like papaya and pineapples (and not stuffing the box to the brim), you can easily keep the cost to below $1!

Go on, try it out and let us know!


Google is giving 2GB of free storage on Google Drive

Good news! Google is giving away 2GB worth of storage space on Google Drive because of Safer Internet Day! All you need to do is to do a security check for your account that you’re set! 

Google Drive
The security check is very quick and easy: simply verify your backup email address, any recent changes to your personal particulars, permissions granted to apps and your security question. Once you’re done, the 2GB will be yours! Apparently, if you did your check last year, the 2GB awarded to you previously can be stacked with this year’s, so it’s a total of 4GB!If you ask me, I’m going to grab all the free cloud storage I can get. It is the new way to share files and backups! 

Get your free 2GB now!

[via Gizmodo via Reddit]