Seoul must eats!

Alright! Enough with the “introduction”. Let’s get down to what’s important: FOOD. One of the things I love about Korea is the food, so without further ado, let me introduce you to some of my favourites.

egg-tip: Seo-seo Galbi, Gwangjang Market and Myeongdong Gyoja are our die-die must try places!

This page gives you an overview of all the places we’ve listed. Click on the individual titles for more details!

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a 5 minute crash course on Seoul

Ok, maybe 10. or 15. Depending on how quickly you read. Anyway, we believe this post will serve as a good base for those doing research on Seoul.

My second trip to Seoul in 2 years; I don’t normally visit a holiday destination twice within such a short span. The good news is, having these 2 trips so close apart gives me an excellent chance to revisit what I did in the previous – and here’s what I have to say.

P.S. This post is specially dedicated to you, GZ. Have fun in Korea!

Where We Stayed
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