Malacca – beyond Jonker Street

Having a headache planning for a short getaway? Malacca is just 3 hours’ bus ride away and is very affordable. Most people think of Jonker Street when they hear Malacca, but there’s so much more to Malacca than just Jonker Street.  Thanks to Eugenie, we were able to seek out places unbeknownst to non-locals!

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And oh, don’t shun those old, dirty looking shops, please. Chances are, the older the shop, the better the food. Why? Like a friend of mine once said, “If they’ve been around for so long looking like this (old and dirty), they must be doing something right.”

Egg Tip: “Take our advice and throw the whole damn thing into your mouth.”

Alright, let’s get down to business. There are a total of 8 items in this list. The addresses and business details are found of this page.

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1-for-1 A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Buffet You Can’t Miss!

So we were out and about on a Friday night when we chanced upon the Emporium Shokuhin at the Marina Square’s new wing. Inside Emporium Shokuhin we chance upon grill shop Gyuu+’s 1-for-1 A5 Miyazaki Wagyu buffet for OCBC card members.

We mused on it for a while, before finally relenting. The rest, like they say, is history.


Let’s not waste time and get to the point: we picked one of each meat from the menu – sirloin steak, A5 Wagyu, Karubi, Pork Belly Tare, Pork Shoulder Tare, Belly Thin Slice Shio, Pork Shoulder Shio,Garlic  Chicken and scallops. We gave the salmon fillet a miss because weren’t fans of grilled salmon. The non Meat were sweet potatoes and Eringi mushrooms.


Summary of the food? Awesome. Eat bite was tender and juicy, because the fats simply melt in your mouth. The fragrance of the slight char and aroma of the sweet meat immediately fills your mouth. We didn’t really like the sauce, so we mainly went “commando”. The quality of the meat here definitely surpasses most Korean BBQ restaurants in Singapore. We did find the Wagyu a little too salty, and I personally didn’t like the garlic chicken (too much garlic for me). And, so save space for more meat, one may consider skipping the sirloin. Not that it isn’t great, but one steak (even shared by 2) simply fills you up too much.

Our Favourite Dishes?

My personal favourite  wasn’t really the meat, but actually the grilled sweet potato. I didn’t know that grilled sweet potato was such a heavenly thing. The fire roasted the skin to a hard, almost crunchy texture while the flesh was soft but not dry. The sweet scent of the potato, paired with the skin, was marvellous (for me, anyways). That said, all the meat were definitely juicy and bursting with flavour. Just remember to order a cup for hot green tea ($2++ per pax, free flow) for yourself because the “juices”… Well, you know what makes a piece of meat taste so damn wonderful, don’t you?

The serving of A5 Miyazaki Waygu
3 Huge Scallops with Roe!
A thick slab of Sirloin
Lastly, before you make your way to the cashier, treat yourself to a scoop of Matcha Green Tea and a scoop Red Bean ice cream (the buffet menu had Matcha and Goma, but they were out of the latter, so they offered red bean an Yuzu as replacements). Combine the red bean and  matcha ice creams and you make yourself a pretty decent Green Bean Matcha Red Bean dessert! We have to say that the ice cream wasn’t “icy” and was properly creamy and thick.

Lastly, we would like to give a shout out to the staff, who were wonderfully polite and friendly. Probably one of the best service we’ve head in a long while.

Note that the above promotion (1-for-1 @ $98++) is only for OCBC card holders, and will end 30 April 2016. Check with the restaurant or OCBC for more details.


Seoul must eats!

Alright! Enough with the “introduction”. Let’s get down to what’s important: FOOD. One of the things I love about Korea is the food, so without further ado, let me introduce you to some of my favourites.

egg-tip: Seo-seo Galbi, Gwangjang Market and Myeongdong Gyoja are our die-die must try places!

This page gives you an overview of all the places we’ve listed. Click on the individual titles for more details!

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